whole person chiropractic

Christine is the founder and sole practitioner of Whole Person Chiropractic. Situated in the heart of Bishopston in Bristol, the clinic is a haven of quiet, which provides a peaceful setting for each individual consultation. The appointment times are generous, and time is taken to explore each person’s concerns. There is an emphasis on whole body, holistic care, with the recognition that the cause of the problem must be sought rather than solely treating the symptoms.

The care provided at Whole Person Chiropractic will ensure that each person receives a clear understanding of their individual problem, the likely causes and how their treatment and management will proceed.

The number of sessions required will vary from individual to individual, but a positive change is usually seen quite quickly in pregnancy with most women reporting an improvement in their symptoms and quality of life after two to three sessions.

Whole Person Chiropractic is available for the whole family. In the course of her work, Christine’s care extends into the wider community and she finds that women who come for treatment during or after their pregnancy often recommend their family and friends to experience this treatment. The gentle approach given during pregnancy is highly appropriate for everyone, and can help others as they seek to find their optimal health.