testimonial from Celine Hooper, Henleaze, Bristol


I first found Christine Andrew when I was 34 weeks pregnant and almost couldn’t walk due to the pain in my pelvis. The GP had been rather dismissive sending me for physio that got nowhere near the problem and seemed to involve wearing a body bandage that, in my pregnant state, I couldn’t even get on. My enjoyment of pregnancy was zero and I was anxious about facing another 6 weeks of pain and lack of mobility. One midwife’s reassuring words to me were “It is just unlucky, it happens to some women but consider yourself fortunate that you are not one of those who ends up in a wheelchair for the last few months!

In complete contrast Christine listened, understood and treated the problem. Within a few sessions my mobility was increased and the pain had lessened. I felt as though I was taking control again of my experience of pregnancy and feeling better prepared for birth. By 37 weeks I was in great shape and at 38 weeks I had a spontaneous natural birth.

I have obviously sought Christine’s help in my two subsequent pregnancies and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Christine has a lovely reassuring manner and all treatment is carried out in a discreet, safe, informal and friendly environment where you work with her to find the best way of maximising the benefits to you.


testimonial from Suzanne Elson, Southville, Bristol


Christine treated me when I had pelvic girdle pain and a very unstable sacrum during the last 3 months of my pregnancy. I was finding it difficult to walk and had to stop work because it was too painful to sit for any length of time. The pain was also seriously disrupting my sleep. I was feeling really quite desperate and had been told that I should stop walking!

Christine helped me immensely, making me significantly more comfortable and able to walk with more ease. Initially I had weekly treatments but as she was able to help stabilise my pelvis and sacrum I was able to see her less towards the end of the pregnancy.

Having been a midwife she understands pregnancy fully and was able to give me lots of feedback on the position of my baby and exercises I could do to become more comfortable and encourage him into a good birthing position. I came to fully trust Christine and I think what she does is immensely skilled and as good as magic! I’m not sure how I would have coped without her treatments and I can’t recommend her highly enough.